Brazilian gold miners killed 10 of the Indians of the tribe


Бразильские золотодобытчики убили 10 индейцев из племениFederal Prosecutor, Brazil, opened an investigation into mass killings of members of the non-contact tribe.

At least 10 members of the so-called non-contact tribe were killed by illegal gold miners in the Amazon basin in Brazil.

It is reported by The Huffington Post, citing the organization Survival International, which works to protect the rights of indigenous peoples.

Note that non-contact people – a people that does not have contact with the outside world and modern civilization.

According to Survival International, the dead included women and children. In addition, the number of dead may be about a fifth of the tribe.

As reported by The New York Times, the natives collected eggs along the river in the valley of the Jawara in the far West of Brazil, when I came across zolotoiskatel. Later, the miners boasted perpetrated a massacre in a bar in a nearby town, and even showed a hand-carved paddle, which, according to them, they stole as a trophy.

The representative of Funai, Brazil’s Agency for indigenous Affairs, told the NYT that the miners boasted even how to “cut the bodies of the natives and dumped in the river.” As the NYT notes, with the coming to power of administration of the President Michel Temer the Agency’s budget was significantly reduced.

Survival International called the attack on the natives “genocide” and stressed that Temer and his government bear a “heavy responsibility” for the massacre. The organization also stated that at least two non-contact tribe was invaded, and their territories now surrounded by ranches and other businesses “with the open support” of the government.

Adelson Cora Kanamari, the leader of the tribe of VariCam Japan, told the publication Amazon Real that the situation with the indigenous population in the region is in a “very critical” condition, and that the attacks killed between 19 and 21 representatives of the local tribes.

Federal Prosecutor, Brazil, opened an investigation into mass killings of members of the isolated tribe.


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