Brave new world: postkrymsky Russia


The marvelous metaphor of the world is used for a distant future, but meanwhile we are already living in the “new wondrous world.” Russia became postkrymsky and finally escapes from “friendly”, but the suffocating embrace of the West. Post-Soviet Ukraine has become a Bandera and turns in the West, “agricultural superpower”, in other words, in a raw colony. Bandera Krajina is not the successor post-Soviet Ukraine, she decommunized, it is a fact, although its best not to notice in Western capitals. Yet.

Новый дивный мир: посткрымская Россия

Russia annexed the Crimea, but lost Ukraine, saying Western propaganda and our liberal column. This example of stupidity? There is a sample of the lies on which her fans then build the “objective theory” about the inevitable tragic consequences for Russia. Broadcasts about the imminent collapse of Russia under pressure from the “entire civilized world”… the New Nazis?


Similarly a fabricated lie around the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which allegedly led to the Second world war. And not Hitler’s plans for world domination and the policy of “appeasement of Hitler” then the West that led to the Munich partition of Czechoslovakia between Hitler and Poland.

A thesis on “the loss by Russia of Ukraine,” the Pro-Western leaders would like to remove from discussion uncomfortable for them the fact to the authorities in Kiev Bandera led through an armed coup on 22 February 2014, Western politicians led by Deputy Secretary of state Victoria Nuland and the intelligence services headed by the CIA. “Division SS “Galicia” took the city of Kiev”, — said figuratively about this independent expert Yevgeny Satanovsky. It cost the us Treasury $ 5 billion, has issued a state secret Nuland.

The Western political scientists put the lie: the West did not tear Ukraine from Russia, it is Russia allegedly lost her, annexing the Crimea. That’s just Russia annexed the Crimea after the West torn Ukraine Bandera coup.

Western propagandists trying to erase from history the fact that Bandera was created with the help of our Western neighbors, as enemies of Russia, had always been fierce enemies of Russia and Russian people. And still lie that Bandera in Ukraine is almost there. The prospect of the name of Bandera in Kiev there, but Bandera is almost there. Why lie?

Bandera to the Ukraine issue for Ukraine as the legal successor of the post-Soviet Ukraine, while Bandera is now vehemently destroys her — “decommunized”.

Russia can not in principle lose Bandera Ukraine that declares it a “historic enemy”, but Russia has lost the post-Soviet Ukraine. We were able to save from Bandera genocide only the Russian-speaking population of the Crimea and part of Donbass.

The West has acquired is not the Ukraine, as he himself sweet lies, and the Bandera neo-Nazi Ukraine, and this pan-European hemorrhoids already sees penetrating the French Le Monde: “Maidan Ukraine has brought corruption, nationalism and violations of human rights”. In the twentieth century Europe is about the same purchased of Hitler: he shouted the loudest about “the March to the East”, but before this campaign was bitten first, Europe, as more easy and convenient prey.

A similar story could happen with Ukraine Bandera. “Not in Europe a more terrible enemy than Ukraine”, — predicts a European future billionaire oligarch Dmitry Firtash, a native of Galicia. When Bandera was quite aware of his status as an “agricultural superpower” and its consequences.

Looking at the vicissitudes of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, you know, that sense of history we do not control. How many complained to Khrushchev that he wickedly gave Crimea to Ukrainian Soviet Republic, and now it turns out that this was the point: not given in vain!

Reunited with Russia, Crimea has now become a wedge, politically separating Russia from the West: if it were not for the Crimea, had to find some other wedge to tear Russia from the West, from its suffocating embrace sodomistsky. However, such a wedge can’t do anything for our Pro-Western liberal column: too obvious, visibly huge and the Crimea in the minds of the whole of Russia!

We can say, Crimea politically “stitches” Russia, takes her from the West, making postkrymsky. Russia as it is cleaned of Western influence in specific that took place before our eyes the events in the Crimea, in the Donbas, Ukraine.

Ignoring the West as expressed in a referendum the will of the population of the Crimea and the willingness to give it to the mercy of the Bandera neo-Nazis like Dmitro Yarosh, showed the whole of Russia, and the non-Western world, the West in reality there is neither democracy nor humanity, nor justice, but only selfish interests. All this has revealed the referendum in the Crimea.

The West, because it brought to power Bandera, admits his guilt in the events in Ukraine, the fate of the population of the Crimea or Donbass, or Ukraine, because, in fact, did not care, he pours it crocodile tears, as throughout the world. But today the West is not eternal, neo-Nazism and Bandera in Ukraine may be in Europe more and more.

So Nikita Khrushchev, on reflection, have to say thank you for his voluntarism with the Crimea: there was no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped. Helped Russia to get out from under Western charm and hypocrisy. The history of the Crimea revealed the truth about the West for all of Russia, was born postkrymsky Russia, unifying the people, becoming independent from the West way development.

Author: Victor Kamenev



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