Brad pitt broke his promise and appeared at the premiere of “Allies” with Marion Cotillard



52-year-old actor brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) recently because of problems in personal life refused to participate in the campaign to promote the picture “Allies”. But yesterday he broke his word and appeared on the red carpet together with the actress Marion Cotillard, which was accused of an affair with a married colleague.

Marion Cotillard and brad pitt / Rexfeatures

Pitt lost a lot of weight, got a new haircut and was dressed rather simply in a black suit with a white shirt. The guests noticed that his image of something is not enough — engagement ring, which pitt did not part with the wedding. Despite the active discussion of the details of the guests on the track, the actor was calm and confident.


Brad willingly posed with fans and generously signing autographs. The organisers of the premiere told the journalists not to ask personal questions, but pitt still said: “It was very nice, everyone was so kind with me. I am very glad that I have such support.”


Close to pitt said he still can not cope with emotions after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce and received full custody of their six children.


Recall that pitt’s partner Marion Cotillard unwittingly involved in the scandal. There were rumors that Jolie-pitt went about the affair of brad and Cotillard, but Marion denied the rumors.

Fotodom / Rex Features

A new project Director Robert Zemeckis “the Allies” — this action-Packed historical romance, which takes place in the midst of the Second world war.


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Pitt plays the role of an American agent max, performing a dangerous mission in North Africa. Here he meets a beautiful French woman, Marianne (Marion Cotillard) who is the fighter of the French resistance. Passion erupts between them, but it is a serious test after Max learns that his beloved Nazi spy. In the Russian hire “Allies” out November 12.


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