BQ Strike Power – smartphone for $100 with advanced functionality


In the budget segment of the Russian market of smart phones there is a new gadget called BQ Strike Power. This is a new smartphone with an impressive battery capacity with model number BQ-5514G. The model announced in the beginning of 2019, and now it can be purchased nationwide at a price of 6500 rubles, or about $100 at the exchange rate at the end of February 2019.

It should be noted that BQ already has several smartphones with the same name, so for Internet search be sure to use a model number (index). New BQ Strike Power is available in black, dark grey and silver colors. We got the lightest shade, where you can see all the features and nuances of its appearance.

We also add that this smartphone has a lot of advantages over competitors, as well as one characteristic feature that, in our opinion, determines the target audience. We will consider it later, and now proceed to review everything that is due to the smartphone. Note also that BQ is similar in most respects a model of Strike Power BQ-5514L, estimated at 7000 rubles. The smartphone has an identical design and support of networks GSM, 3G and LTE.



Box BQ Strike Power immediately greets us with a render of a smartphone in the color in which it came to us. However, this is just a coincidence – if you take the smartphone in black, on the box it will still be silver.

Nevertheless, all drawn very high quality – to evaluate the design of a smartphone, you can easily, and for this all done. Cardboard boxes are tight, there is expensive– even the iPhone not-so-pleasant packing materials.

Bottom also have renders of the smartphone, and here it is presented already in five shades of body. Immediately detected a mismatch – why on the box five colors, but only three? What happened to the red and gold versions – no one knows.

The bottom has the same specs and a list of accessories that are directly in the box.



Buying a smartphone for $100, you can count only on a basic set of accessories – charger and data cable and a paper clip to eject SIM cards. All of that is here, and network memory is already 1.5-amp, and the cable is made of very high quality.

But in set with the smartphone BQ Strike Power is something else: a very detailed instruction manual and protective film on the display. It is printed on the screen, so gluing it yourself is not required. Also in the box is the warranty card. Headphone no, it’s a little frustrating.



Information about the specs of the BQ Strike Power can be found in almost all available sources – on the official website of the manufacturer, in Yandex.The market, on the box and in the instructions from the kit. Full details, there are all the necessary details for comparison with competitors for the same or similar price.

– screen: 5.45 inch, IPS, 18:9, 1440×720 (HD+);

– processor: MediaTek MT6580P, 4 core, 1.3 GHz;

– memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, microSD up to 128 GB;

– interfaces: microSD, 2xSIM, microUSB 2.0, 3.5 mm;

– wireless connectivity: GSM, 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0;

camera: front 8 MP (flash), the main 13 MP (flash);

– battery: non-removable 5000 mAh;

– housing material: metal, plastic;

– case color: black, dark gray, silver;

– features: a fingerprint scanner;

– dimensions: 147х71х10 mm;

– weight: 175 grams.


Characteristics, even to focus on the cost, we are to the smartphone what it makes microUSB 2.0, when it’s already spring 2019, and where’s the LTE? But, if uncomfortable outdated interface is still possible to live, but with the lack of fast Internet to accept will not be so easy.

This forms the target audience of mobile – the young people wishing to watch YouTube videos in high resolution and share content at high speeds, choose a different model, and BQ Strike Power will assess older people, who enjoy more than a solid battery capacity and the ability to forget about recharging for a few days.


Dactyloscopy and a tray for SIM-card

It would also be possible to focus on a small amount of built-in BQ Strike Power of memory, but then this problem is solved in two accounts: the smartphone, firstly, supports capacious memory card, and secondly, has a separate microSD slot. In other words, it placed two SIM card and memory card, all at the same time.

The fingerprint scanner is convenient – it is not necessary to reach, hard to find with your finger and it is slightly recessed into the body. Works without delays, of 10 touch points consistently recognizes 7-8, there are no questions. Screen after unlocking is activated after a half a second. For cheap cell phone is a very good indicators.



BQ Strike Power is endowed with the classic form factor is the form factor bar with touch screen almost the entire front panel. Display frame are present, including the top – she’s here with success replaces the unibrow. On this side you can see the front-facing camera, earpiece and sensors of light and proximity.

The bottom frame is empty by moving the control buttons on the display. To the right of the case has the power button and volume on the left – a tray for SIM-card with a hole for a paper clip, on the bottom, microphone and charging connector, and the top – entry under wired headphones. The rear panel is almost completely metallic, but have plastic inserts on top and bottom where the antennas of cellular communication and GPS. At the junction of plastic and metal located camera with flash, and below you can see the socket of the main speaker.

The front panel gets dirty very quickly and with difficulty returns to the original mind, and behind our smartphone prints the test almost not covered. Although most likely it is a merit of silvery hue – it isn’t very glossy by itself.



First, the cons ergonomics, the benefit of only two of them. First, is the above-mentioned interface microUSB 2.0, and secondly, the speaker should not be placed on the rear panel. This decision dooms him always to be closed by the palm or the table, and in his pocket he will be in contact with the fabric of the clothes, which will turn off the sound.

The rest of the usability BQ Strike Power does not cause complaints: the phone is moderately heavy and compact at the same time, and all this together with a rough back cover and the ends does not allow him to slip from his hands.

The headphone Jack is positioned correctly, as the connector for charging with dactyloscopus, so in this regard, the smartphone pleased. Again, the presence of a lateral frame of the display gives the option to not worry about accidentally triggering the touchscreen.



In BQ Strike Power uses IPS panel instead of a cheaper TN that can often be found in smartphones at a similar price. IPS better than TN for all parameters: it has wider viewing angles, better color reproduction, and in General to look at it much more pleasant.

In this case, the screen has all the advantages, but to evaluate them only if you remove the protective film. At extreme angles it starts to distort colors for the display of this smartphone is not typical. The default color scheme is cold, but the operation of the smartphone is not obstructed.

Now about the brightness. It’s all generally good: in the sun the screen fades, not completely, so the information to see it is still possible. The touch layer works around the perimeter of the working area of the screen, the maximum number of supported simultaneous touches unexpectedly 3 (three). As a rule, entry-level smartphones handle either two or five simultaneous touches, and here the Golden mean. For most of the common gestures that will be enough.



Sounds like BQ Strike Power, we quite liked it. Low frequencies the dynamics are almost there, but MIDs and treble are clean and visible. Rales are absent, the speaker is very loud, and more of it is not required. In other words, the main speaker is good.

Flattering will respond and about the dynamics of spoken – with him, too, no problems arose, except that I would like slightly wider range of volume adjustment – the maximum value on a noisy street, we had enough.

Microphone and vibration motor raised questions: the first one catches all extraneous noise, which reflects its high sensitivity, and the second, on the contrary, almost not felt, even when the phone in his hand.



Very not bad itself showed the front camera of the smartphone: surprisingly, she is doing good (within reason and cost, of course) pictures, including in the dark. Flash pulls quite a dark selfie.

Camera standard, without its pros and cons. Flash is also very bright. The interface of the camera is classical, in the style of early versions of Android.



BQ Power Strike running Google’s Android OS 8.1 Oreo version Go Edition with a slightly modified interface. Go Edition is a special build of Android, which Google developed specifically for entry-level smartphones. It is deeply optimized and deprived of all the rarely used but constantly hanging in the background of the functions. In addition to this optimization is subjected to all the regular Google apps – Drive, Maps, Mail and others. They also take up little space and is very fast to load and work.

The presence of Go Edition it gives him the opportunity to slow down almost never. Of course, heavy applications, for example, Yandex.The Navigator, a bit slow him down, but it will still be comfortable.

Note the minimum number of third party applications is just exactly five, and three of them can be immediately removed. The remaining two – it’s from Yandex, switchable in the settings.

Most of these settings on mobile in a bit – leaving only the most basic, and even the choice of order buttons removed. But retained the possibility of wireless updates.

In the end, right after the first boot on the smartphone freely with 5.5 GB of the total 8GB. If you remove the contingency, then the place will be more, and in this situation many people may not even need a microSD slot. Checking the firmware of the Dr. Web revealed the absence of any viruses, Trojans and other vermin.



Android Go Edition, no doubt, has a positive effect on the speed of the smartphone. For example, in the benchmark GeekBench, he earned 424 points in single-core and 1097 points in multi-core mode. Recall that here we use not the actual processor, so the result is quite good.

In the games with the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited package BQ Power Strike earned 2984 points. AnTuTu refused to run on this smartphone. During the tests felt light, but still noticeable heating of the case near the processor.


Work offline

During the test we managed to achieve a Strike from BQ Power to four days of autonomy. The recipe is simple: all third-party applications turn off the mobile Internet is not being used (only Wi-Fi), and set any that do not require root-rights and the ability to disable startup applications and background output them to the Internet. At desire certainly it is possible to achieve and 4.5 days of autonomy, but in fact, in standard operating mode, without to exaggerate, the phone will easily last three days without recharging.

Charging from complete memory is at 3.5 hours, there is support for more powerful chargers. However, it’s an undocumented feature, so use it still not worth it. During charging, the battery is practically not heated.


Pros BQ Strike Power

– large capacity of the battery;

– well-optimized firmware;

– loud speakers;

– high-quality matrix screen;

separate slots for SIM and microSD.


Cons BQ Strike Power

– the lack of LTE support;

– outdated charging connector.


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