BQ Max Iron: smartphone for lovers of the classics


Smartphones in 2018 through one get screen new format 18:9, which may be convenient not for all, and even the cutout in the display – the so-called unibrow. These changes are not always good for the sales, because many people want the classical proportions of the body.

If you are looking for a smartphone with the classic forms and modern fixtures for a reasonable amount, it makes sense to pay attention to the BQ Iron Max – monoblock turned out to be extremely successful in many ways, and we realized that according to the test results. Seriously, for the money the device is very pleasing, and in the below suggested article, we will write out what makes it so good, and if he has shortcomings.



Box with the smartphone BQ Max Iron made in the General style BQ – a lot of red color, color printing and limit the information content. On top of the box you can see a render of the device, as well as the bottom, but only in one color, although color options are just three.

On the bottom of the package the manufacturer has listed all the characteristics of the gadget, including the set of its delivery, so that the mere study of the box will help to make impression about the device itself.

The material is a very thick high quality cardboard. Made all very stylish, but at the same time kept nothing superfluous, everything is essentially.



Smartphone BQ Iron Max boasts a standard set of accessories that has become the norm in 2017 and 2018. In the box with it there headphone and high speed charger, but there is a protective film on the display caused very high quality even at the production stage.

Buying a smartphone, you get the charger to 1 amp, data cable microUSB 2.0, warranty card, and manual. The latter contains a surprising number of useful information that will be useful for novice users of devices based on Android.



In addition to the information that will be useful in operating a smartphone, the user manual contains a complete list of his characteristics. They can also be found on the packaging and on the official website of the manufacturer. In this respect, everything is open.

– display: IPS 5.5 inch, 1280×720 pixels;

– processor: MediaTek MT6737, 4 core, 1.3 GHz;

– memory: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, microSD up to 32GB;

– interfaces: 3.5 mm, microUSB 2.0, microSD card, 2xSIM;

– wireless connectivity: GSM, 3G, LTE, GPS, FM, Bluetooth 4, WI-FI 802.11 n;

firmware: Android 7 Nougat, interface, Material UI;

– housing material: plastic, metal;

– colour: brown, blue, black;

– battery: removable 2800mAh;

– camera: front-facing 2 Megapixel main 8 MP;

– dimensions: 152х76х9 millimeters;

– weight: 170 grams;

– features: a fingerprint scanner.


Note the presence of a removable battery: it gives the opportunity to carry a spare battery or multiple batteries instead of an external charger – they will take up much less space and does not require messing around with wires.



BQ Max Iron features a classic design: the 16:9 screen, the black front panel in all color options. The fingerprint scanner on the rear panel and removable cover, under which hides the SIM card and microSD slots along with the battery. However, modern features too: the speaker brought to the lower end, which is very convenient – it won’t be closed by hand or top.

Traditional design is a smartphone on hand it looks very organic, without the rounded corners of the screen or the casing and minimalist design only enhances the pleasant impression of it.

On the front panel, BQ have the Iron Max has a front facing camera with flash, earpiece and sensors approximation and lighting, and at the bottom of the screen frame is placed a separate button control, though deprived of their own light. Microphone and speaker located on the bottom of the casing, whereas a connector for charging and a separate entrance under the headphones placed on the upper end. The right bound is given under the volume buttons and the inclusion.

The rear of the smartphone has the main camera with dual flash, a fingerprint scanner round shape and a plastic insert under the antenna, while the bulk of the cover is a metal plate, rough to the touch. Under the hood is hiding place under the battery, and you can also find slots for SIM-cards and microSD. To replace them without removing the battery.


Ergonomics and build quality

Due to the relatively small screen 5.5 inch smartphone lies well in the hand, face, even in the women’s hands. Side edges and back cover has some roughness that prevent slipping. The smartphone is very weighty, but this weight pleasant, not excessive – impression total high quality of the gadget away when using light smartphones, plastic and glass.

Pleased with the presence of touch control buttons: there is no need to resort to the use of their virtual counterparts, and not lose part of the useful area of the display. In addition, they are large enough and to miss them will not work. But the lack of backlighting is a negative.

The disadvantages also include the located on top of the charging connector – at the bottom end, period. The battery cover is removed easily, but still with little effort, so accidentally remove and lose it will not work. The side buttons have a very tactile feel and tactile feedback when pressed, but their sizes are quite standard, so they are easy to find by touch. The fingerprint scanner is convenient – it is not necessary to stretch every time, and he is right.

Build quality claims to the smartphone does not arise: even the back panel being removable, no squeaks and no backlash. Only: charging cable is included in the appropriate connector at a slight angle where you will need to get used to.



Display BQ Iron Max is a classic and very high quality IPS panel with a good supply of brightness. Thereof enough even when using a smartphone in the sun: fading is there, but not critical, and to read information from the display is quite possible.

The touch layer of the screen responds instantly and five touches simultaneously. The only thing in the upper left corner of the touch is not as sensitive, but this angle still need to reach. The inversion of colors in this smartphone is present, but not at all angles: as seen in the photo, it is very hard to colors become more faded.

The General color scheme of the default display cold. This setting is configured using the standard utilities MiraVision.



Sound BQ Iron Max is worthy of the highest points: what main that the earpiece 100% always. Voice speaker has a solid volume: the interlocutor is heard well at 60% (if talking in the room). The sound quality is also very good, at the level of smartphones in 15 000 and more.

Main speaker got the right place of deployment: underneath, he has enough space to give a full-bodied sound, with good moderate and non-irritating highs. The bottom, of course, is not enough, but let’s not forget about the price of the device. System stereo speakers in the smartphone there is: the sound when playing music or movie playback is generated only the main speaker.

The noise reduction system in the smartphone is not, and therefore the single microphone here. It is recessed into the body, which gives basic protection from the wind. The microphone lacks a little bit of volume, but with the sensitivity all right: will catch almost any abnormal sound. That’s more of a minus than a plus.


The fingerprint scanner and vibration motor

Dactyloscopy in BQ Max Iron located on the rear panel and has a traditional size and standard round shape. The response time of the minimum – instantly feel the vibration informing on the correct recognition of the fingerprint, but the screen lights up with a slight delay. I hope in next versions it will eliminate.

Accuracy of a high scanner: 9 out of 10 times it detects the fingerprint correctly, and this is a very good result for a budget AIO.

Built-in vibration motor has an average power of positives: it feels good in the hand or in the pocket, but not annoying, and rattles, which drives the teeth, during his work simply does not.


The camera

Front camera in BQ Iron Max has a resolution of 2 MP and flash is based on one led. The very flash is very bright, which allows to save night selfie from a lot of noise. Removes frontalka decent for his level, but should not expect miracles: 2 megapixel camera is still 2 megapixels. For video calls in Skype and other messengers, its note is more than enough.

Main camera here is based on the matrix of 8 MP. It shoots quite well in the afternoon and light evening dusk, but the street lighting it is still not very like: quite a lot of noise, and detail night falls markedly. But the camera good video recording, especially in terms of actuation of the autofocus – though he makes mistakes, but do it rarely. The only thing missing is the stabilization, so shooting video in motion is not necessary. The brightness of the main flash on “troechku”: when shooting is useless, but the flashlight will fit.


Software and memory

BQ Iron Max out of the box runs on the Android OS from Google 7 Nougat with standard sheath Material UI. Changes in the firmware were made, and because there is only a standard feature of the seventh Android – no more, no less.

The OS on the smartphone is surprisingly fast – the brakes and lags were noted, all smoothly and accurately, without failures. Apparently, on IOS worked because it not only runs very fast, but also consumes less than 650 MB of RAM after the first boot. Total used space on the drive: 5,62 GB of 16.

In the software includes seven third-party applications, four of which are removed by standard means: there are only two utilities from Yandex and Apps Press the app it should immediately be disabled or removed in any way, as it consumes a lot of traffic, slows down the system and constantly spam notifications and program shortcuts from Google Play. The rest of the BQ Iron Max is pure Android with all the ensuing positive consequences.

We will add that during the test on the smartphone arrived one official firmware update. Check Dr. Web malicious files in the device is not revealed.



The lack of additional shell allows the smartphone to make economical use of memory remaining after loading of system the free volume is enough for three or four light applications at two or heavy, for example, on the browser and the browser with a couple tabs open. In General, the feeling that BQ Iron Max slow, does not occur: on the contrary, he flies, fulfilling all the tasks set before him without delay.

The test results in the following benchmarks: AnTuTu – 34060, 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited – 3700 points and 531/1517 points in single-core and multi-core modes in Geekbench. To smartphone cost 7500 rubles at the time of writing this is a good result. Heating at high loads there, but the critical is not one of them.


Work offline

The battery in BQ Iron Max is a removable lithium-ion battery with capacity of 2800 mAh, very thin and lightweight. The smartphone does not provide for accelerated charging mode, because the energy from 0 to 100% of the regular 1-amp memory takes almost 3 hours. Use 1.5 amp charge improves the situation to 2 hours 20 minutes. During charging, the battery is almost not heated.

On average a full charge, the smartphone is enough for 1-1,5 hours. Playback of Full HD video from the device drains it in 7 hours while streaming HD video from YouTube – 5-6 hours. The measurements were carried out with the Wi-Fi connection to the average brightness of the screen.



As mentioned above, BQ Iron Max is a well balanced smartphone: a compact body, neat design, no monobrow, nice weight and other characteristics of appearance, listed in the article, set it against the background of “classmates”. This can be attributed to the metal rear panel, very fast work firmware, reasonably good battery life and loud, clear tone. BQ Iron Max is a very interesting specimen in its price category.


Pros BQ Iron Max

– no cutout in the screen;

– nice design;

– optimized software;

– removable battery;

– touch button control.


Cons BQ Iron Max

– presence of trash;

– microUSB port instead of the USB-C;

– charging connector located on the top.


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