Bottled water no better than tap


Вода в бутылках не лучше, чем из-под крана

Doctors more insistent recommend a day to drink 2 — 2.5 liters of clean drinking water because it promotes weight loss, improve digestion and condition the skin, hair, nails, and also lowers blood pressure, reports the Agency “КазахЗерно.kz”. These are all useful for the organism properties sound attractive and motivate us every morning to buy a bottle or two on the way to work. As a result, the waste water become an essential article of the family budget. Whether it is necessary to overpay?

Buteliei it!

The business of bottled water has developed in the middle of the last century in Europe. Gustav Leuven, talented businessman, was able to unleash a brand that is now famous all over the world. The French water Perrier due to expensive advertising, loved by the Americans and Europeans who played sports and led an active lifestyle. After brand Perrier water began to sell Coca-Cola, Nestlé, PepsiCo. And they also used all their advertising opportunities, instilling in the population a fashion to drink bottled water.

“To drink water from bottles correctly and improves health” — now it is firmly driven into our consciousness. Many even called all the water in bottles of mineral water, though it is not the case (and the healing properties of mineral water in the last time the medicine was questioned. But that’s another story).

Meanwhile, most bottles of ordinary water. Many even just from the tap. Read the label of your favorite brand. It might be a note that spilled from the water supply network, but it took extra cleaning.

But if it passed? As stated by the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov, drinking water is the most counterfeited product. From 25 to 30 percent, and in some regions up to 80 percent of these products — counterfeit.

That is, the consumer pays a lot of money to drink water from the tap. The cheapest of water volume of 0.5 liters can be bought for 10 rubles — but it is sponsored by brand retail chains. The usual half-liter bottle costs 20 to 30 rubles, and at the railway stations, cinemas, parks, etc., the price soars to 75 — $ 100 for the same amount!

Roskoshestvo in 2017, conducted a study in which 58 tested samples of drinking water without gas. The lab tested them for 98 indicators of quality and safety. Only 9 samples were awarded the quality mark!

In other revealed certain shortcomings…

By the way, important point: it turned out that plastic and glass bottles are equally safe. Water in one, in the other container was perfect identical. So pay for the glass, certainly not worth it, unless you are going to minimize the damage to nature, struggling with the proliferation of plastic, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Not a single filter

Now almost every home has a domestic water filter: someone has it running, is built into the sink in the kitchen, someone special pitcher, and someone who enjoys both.

And, it turns out, not in vain — drawing water into a reusable water bottle at home, you not only save on the purchase of mineral water, but also help the environment, which suffers from a surfeit of UN-recyclable plastic. But is it purified water from the filter? It is better to drink: water from a bottle or from under the filter? We asked this question to the Director General of the Main testing center of drinking water to Yury Hanchar:

— In bottles may be Packed water from any source: though artesian, though water. It is cleaned to certain requirements SanPiN, spill, stick beautiful labels.


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