Books in Latin published in Karaganda for students


Учебники на латинице издали в Караганде для студентов вузов

In the Karaganda state University named Buketov presented four textbooks published on Latin

Experimental textbooks prepared and published teachers of the University. This “Algebra”, “Di fferenci’alyq ten dey’ler”, “Elementarlyq matematika” and “Injenerli’k reologia”.

Benefits acquaint students with the foundations of educational disciplines in Latin.

The University said that the introduction of the Latin script will give long-term effect, as the vast majority of specialized literature and manuals published in English or using the Latin alphabet.

In addition to books, the students presented the mobile apps on the IOS platform for the transliteration of Kazakh texts from Cyrillic to Latin. The app was developed by the student of the faculty of mathematics and information technology aydamir Ascertai, reports

On 11 September at the parliamentary hearings in the Majilis the developers presented a new version of the Kazakh alphabet on Latin script. It used 25 Latin letters and 8 digraphs.

Later Nursultan Nazarbayev said Kazakhstan, criticism of the draft alphabet to the Latin alphabet. He noted that by 2022 will begin teaching first grade in schools in the Latin alphabet. Business documents, periodicals, textbooks need to be translated to Latin until 2025.


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