Bondarev: soon terrorism will break the back and will return to Syria peace


Бондарев: скоро терроризму сломаем хребет, и в Сирию вернется мир

Commander of aerospace forces of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Viktor Bondarev said the turning point in the fight against terrorism in Syria. “Thanks to the work of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation in Syria has reached a turning point, there is a serious progress from the Syrian army,” he said in an interview with reporters on Saturday. “I think in the near future there will be broken the backbone of terrorism, and Syria heals a peaceful life”, — quotes Bondareva RIA Novosti.

According to the commander, the Russian air force has achieved in Syria brilliant results, including timely review of military use of aircraft and helicopters, and improved technology. He noted that weather conditions in Syria fierce, the temperature exceeded 50 degrees Celsius. “It’s tough for machinery, and for the people”, — said the General.

As stated Bondarev, currently in Syria driven and unguided weapons accuracy of application is virtually no different”. This was the result, first, the refinement of aircraft and guidance systems. In addition, we continued the commander, a well-established collaboration with the aviation spotters, operators of drones. “We are in real time derived data for any purpose,” said the commander of the VKS RF.


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