Boeing confirmed the information about the dangers of new aircraft


Boeing подтвердила информацию об опасности новых самолетовBoeing warned airlines about the features of the aircraft.

The Boeing company confirmed the information about ezine operators of Boeing 737 Max warnings about the operation of the aircraft in the event of a failure in the sensor of the angle of attack (AOA).

In a statement, Boeing said that in the investigation of the crash of Boeing 737 in Indonesia, it became clear that the accident is due to improper operation of the sensor AOA.

After receiving incorrect information about the flow around the wing the air flow, the Boeing 737 Max can automatically lower the nose down.

The company noted that the warning provides guidance to pilots and operators of new aircraft on how to proceed in these circumstances.

Previously, the Agency Bloomberg reported that, due to incorrect sensor readings and control system of the flight the Boeing 737 Max can suddenly go into a dive.

We will remind, on October 29, the Boeing 737 Max 8 airline Lion Air crashed into the sea after 13 minutes after departure from the airport of Jakarta. To loss of when the crew requested to return to airport of departure.


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