BMW terminates the production of M3


BMW досрочно прекращает производство M3BMW will stop production of “charged” sedan M3 due to the mismatch of motor to new requirements for emissions of harmful substances and fuel consumption.

Like other diesel models BMW M3 should have been equipped with particulate filter Otto. However, it turned out that this requires additional space in the exhaust system. In this regard, the M-unit brand even decided to see a carbon fiber driveshaft on a compact metal.

BMW’s next-generation M3 will debut no earlier than 2020. Until that time, the lineup will be only coupe and M4 convertible. In this “Quartet” upgrade to the desired date to 1 July 2018 model will meet the requirements of the new WLTP cycle of measurements.

BMW M3 fifth generation is equipped with three-liter row “six” power of 431 horsepower (550 Nm). The unit is combined with seven-speed robotized transmission. From zero to 100 kilometers per hour sportsedan is capable to be dispersed for 4,1 seconds. Maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour.


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