BMW is preparing a range of electrocreaser iX


BMW готовит линейку электрокроссоверов iXThe first buggy of semeistva iX will be iX3.

The German company intends to make crossovers with electric drive, using a separate sub-brand iX. To this end, representatives of the company already registered nine trade names from iX1 to iX9.

At this stage, the registration of names does not mean that each of them will be the name of a future crossover model. Head of BMW Harald Krueger expects that in 2025, in modelina the company’s portfolio will be 25 models of electric the go (meaning not only electric vehicles but also hybrids).

According to his calculations, these vehicles will bring the company a quarter of total profit. According to the observations of company marketers, people who once bought the electric car, do not go back to cars with a traditional internal combustion engine.

The first buggy of semeistva iX will be iX3. The appearance on the market of this compact crossover is scheduled for 2020.


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