Blackberry finds success in being dead


Blackberry has exceeded expectations in the last quarter. This appeared late on Wednesday after the publication of the results for the second quarter.

CEO John Chen said in an explanation of the figures that all divisions have exceeded sales forecasts in the past period. He also stressed that the “Internet of Things” division performed well despite chip shortages.

The Canadian company recorded a net loss of 144 million dollars in the last quarter, compared to a loss of 23 million dollars in the same period a year earlier. The loss per share was $ 0.25. On a modified basis, Blackberry recorded a loss of $ 0.06 per share.

Revenue fell from $ 259 million last year to $ 175 million last quarter.

Nevertheless, the results were better than expected. On Thursday, the share of Blackberry in e-commerce was 9.6 percent higher for the stock exchange.


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