Bite weight in gold


The don in front of the ice pike is concentrated in the upper reaches of the Tsimlyansk reservoir, where it is caught from boats, who knows how. In such fishing, of course, the conceit angler grows every caught a dozen perch, but in conversation with eye to eye many admit that in addition to running the food program received a little pleasure. This is a shameless and anglers in nearby boats that akaretsa on the brink of a scandal, it’s greased statistics when one has an evil bite for a dozen perch caught.

But on a fundamental Donu when fishing for walleye from shore, the situation is completely the opposite. People – no, the fish is rare. So rarely that you start to appreciate every bite, every cast. Consider the bait after each “show”! Before freeze-up perch is not sitting in the snags near the shore. It can be found on the channel edge, if dokinut can. In this difficult period it is necessary to qualitatively change the approach to fishing. This is when you basically do not set themselves any specific tasks (to catch something or catch it for this), just go fishing. Walk through the old places to find familiar koraichi under water. In such places, the walleye bite is perceived as a greeting: “Hello fisherman, I’m here! Been a while since you were our guest!” And even if I wasn’t able to figure out and to look him in the eye, I’m glad bite. Now, when rarely bite, bite up.

To find the walleye fishermen pressed into place, it is necessary to Excel in the casting

I did not change the network rather immodest breaking capacity, since it decided to pull out from the bottom of all that prevents the majority of anglers fishing: branches, bundles of fishing line, etc. to myself I call this method “lick twigson perverted”. That is fundamentally not catching as it does the vast majority of anglers, and what is called “viagrasa”. Try to throw the bait so, and spend it where it is very difficult to do. For example, using purusasya properties of thick braids, peralonso throw a snag, and after its splashdown continue to poison the cord, blown by the wind. Therefore, it is sometimes impossible to “hit” the jig a couple of times where you this has not been done in the last month.

While waiting for the next touch the weight of the bottom it is somehow approached, confidently straighten the spinning. What is it? Stranded this Deposit? I belatedly hooked, but it was too late, porolone came with a bitten off tail. From that moment I started counting my bites. All day there were only nine. Before lunch I saw 4 bites and caught one pike-perch. Interestingly, all the bites were raspredeleny evenly along the coastline. No one place is not swallowed at least twice. My friend in the standings was only one bite and one perch. Very poor for such a lovely day! We decided to follow the plan and try to get the most pleasure from fishing. Went upstream. But there is one bite and one perch we saw for two. Had to go back with hope for an evening bite.

The evening bite

In the evening – just wind. A few anglers have all gone home. We took the two places where the last time we were eating and began methodically to sh in them, waiting for activity of walleye, with every breath, soaking up the delicious cocktail of autumn smells. I tried to throw as far as possible, hoping that not all are able so far to throw. And, of course, the same hole is there on the output. Do two to three steps, and begins porolone longer to hang, falling in that same hole. And here it is, the long-awaited bite! The tip of a spinning frantically twice made staccato. And again I was late with a wedge! Bait stumbled on some obstacle. The very next cast the brazen strike has forced me to do mechanically cutting. Spinning bent and in this position twice nodded towards don. It sits?! Yes, good! Old jig spinning so much Flex under the force of not just what perch! But…again an unfortunate gathering.

I decided not to move from this place until you leave. And the sun inexorably drawn to the horizon. Bite stopped, but know in my heart that these two strikes in a row was no accident. Make 10 casts, 15… not a bite. Well, apparently, not destiny. I have missed your happiness. Decide to do a test 5 casts and going to the car. On the third throw, again, feel a clear bite, held some fish 3-4 seconds and again the gathering. Take out the fish – and its not at all! She mauled someone like warmer by the evil Fido. Well then to go home? I’m already in the thick dusk change peralonso and do five more casts… No, all good things come to an end. Ended and the fishing.

I see the cause of their unsuccessful sweeps only in one. Too thick a cord for the load 28 g played a cruel joke with me. On the one hand, I can easily unbent the hooks at the toe and saved his bait, on the other hand, during long casts, while dropping bait to the bottom, and soaked a thick braided cord slack, concealing all my cuttings. Next time I’ll catch on the cord 20 or 15 lb – then we’ll see who wins!


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