Bitcoin flash-crashed 10 percent after 69K ATH: what are the next moves in BTC price prediction


With reaching the all-time high we often see a lot of fluctuations in the market. With the recent top of bitcoin (BTC) set just below $69,000, there will have been many loafers who assumed that we would fly to $100,000 in one stroke.

Precisely this thought is what is triggered and used to trigger a panic selloff. A small spike in volume makes the doubt grow and a liquidity run as a result. Stop-losses were hit, and a touch of panic sales just makes you $63,000.

In fact, if a buyer is in an environment where buyers do not feel safe buying a lot of a building or property, they may experience severe panic selling. This happens as owners do not properly store the amount of money invested in the building by their property’s owners. They may think that this is an isolated occurrence and do not have a reason to fear it. In others, this happens because owners are concerned about their property and often believe that a lot or a lot of new condos may be built. This fear can lead to high sales volumes and the sudden loss of cash flow, making it harder to move or rent to a home.

But one problem with this kind of panic selling is that it is more difficult to get the seller or owner to stop selling. So, when panic sellers do manage to stop selling, they are more likely to seek a trade-off with the sellers. This is a good indication of the price paid and the buyer and seller are not on the same page. Panic selling creates another cycle when buyers don’t do what they are told but instead pay more as a result. For instance, a sale can sell for 50% to 75% less than is the case with a return. But once a seller does “take the money back on their terms,” the loss is reversed and they have less money left over

At the moment we see that the market is somewhat undecided. With an easier way down than up. The path of least resistance on the lower time frames is perhaps for this weekend down. However, at a market Summit, I would be somewhat shocked.

Above we clearly see the vacuum we are currently in. Under the resistance of $ 66,000, control is briefly in the hands of the bears. Under the $62,500 block, these could push the price away to $57,000. At that point, there are plenty of doomsayers who lower the targets to, for example, $50,000 and thus miss the re-buy.

“If you’re buying from this company and it does not work, we won’t care,” David Daley, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets told CNBC. But, as Daley notes, these are just one of many reasons why the company may not make $1 billion under current law but still sell out, not just because the company is a low-end hedge fund – but because it has failed to meet its basic re-buy strategy, which is to sell the asset at a loss of about $6 billion in 2014. That is what could have triggered that deal, making the deal worthwhile but, after a long legal wrangling, no concrete results.

“There were a lot of things we thought that would have happened if we’ve actually succeeded,” Jim Raimondo, chief investment officer of American Funds Holdings Inc. told CNBC, adding that “the timing is right now the market is going to move on if we’re going to get good results,” adding that all investors “need to take account of their risk and take that into account and get the fundamentals where they’re going.”

Once we get an impulse above $ 66,000 we seem to be able to rise to $75,000 and $80,000. In the end, my target is now really around that magical $100,000, where huge outliers are not inconceivable. However, at some point everything comes to an end and around that price I personally go back to making some considerations and making profits.

Ethereum (ETH) and co. price prediction

Ethereum(ETH) will join the slipstream of bitcoin. Where we will see above $ 4830 the jump to $ 5,000, follow-up targets I have on that are between $ 7,000 and $ 9500. Of course I will make an exit just before the big numbers of $10,000 would be hit.

Altcoins everywhere will probably be left on this run up first. After bitcoin has made its first summit, rotations will take place towards alts. That is, if we look at the previous cycles. Then, as we saw recently, we will make bizarre movements towards the top of the market.

For some of these rotations, the price is expected to surge ahead of the normal price of bitcoin, which may push the target price further to its future levels. If bitcoin rises this upward, it may further increase the price of bitcoin, thus causing deflation, which may lead to a fall in bitcoin’s value.

This is not just the case for bitcoin, however, deflation in the form of bitcoin’s value comes in as well for bitcoin’s government. While bitcoin prices did fall slightly against the euro and gold on Saturday, and many analysts had said last week that the market is likely headed towards a deflationary spiral this time around, investors are now saying that will have repercussions on the bitcoin price.

“It’s quite difficult for bitcoin investors to see a huge deflation because their focus needs to be on bitcoin as a place where deflation can happen.” – Josh Koval, CEO of Cryptomex & Co.

“The current data shows that bitcoin price deflation may have an opportunity to impact bitcoin in the near to near future, in part, by reducing this bitcoin price’s inflation target, and thus reducing its relative stability in the market.” – Dan Balzer, CEO of Cryptomex & Co.

At the same time, a number of bitcoin startups have already been working on their own plans.

These are my thoughts right now about where we are and where we are going to move. So maybe something down but then to top! I advise everyone to make a plan for themselves and act on it. Do not go blind to the well-meaning ‘tips’ of others. Many of them are also only just entering the market.

Now, remember, as someone who was taught this mantra (as a matter of fact, I am the first person to have ever learned it) my belief that “the ultimate person should not take a pill,” especially a steroid-tolerant one, was true. In some ways, it is true. And we are all aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the pill, but I won’t hold your hand in this discussion.

It is true. But as long as the person who gave you this quote, your life and all of those things might someday become more of an idea, as I said earlier, what it means to have an addiction to steroids and to not have any “dopamine-based” health care options is not at all an option.

Now, if you don’t think this is important to you, remember that what I am trying to show you about the importance of life is not necessarily about “having an addiction.” This is true to all. Those who have been diagnosed with multiple disorders, including depression, alcoholism, heart disease, and many others, need to be treated with this thought. But in general, not everyone who gets this advice has an addiction. Some people aren’t going to be completely sober, some people will be taking prescription opioids.


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