Bitcoin fell “rapid Jack”


Биткоин упал "стремительным домкратом"

The morning of 22 December began with a rapid fall bitcoin exchange rate is 9.6%, that is 9:00 Moscow time its course has made 14,067 thousand dollars. That is not the minimum (the one recorded at the level of 13.07 thousand dollars), however, compared to the maximum (more than 20 thousand dollars, 17 December, the Chicago stock exchange) should establish a depreciation of 30 percent.

Analysts build various assumptions about the reasons for such a significant drop. According to the information, for example, the publication Bloomberg, this is due to increased alternative Bitcoin Cash, added last week to the site Coinbase, however, it also “floats” and has now taken the trend to decline. Other experts believe that the blame for the negative predictions about the future of bitcoin. So, Emil Oldenburg, co-founder believes that trade currencies it will never be. He was echoed by the Japanese Finance Minister, claiming the unreliability of bitcoin, although he was officially legalized in the state.

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