Sacred fishing


This winter the ice is up on the don in the second decade of January.

Did you miss the ice fishing, the fishermen hurried on the ice.

Everyone wanted to taste the biruchiy soup. Experienced “peruchetti” I know that in this time of spiny fish are not active.

Proven years of experience. But to stop fishing excitement can not afford any of the elements. Some eager fishermen in the first month of winter on the boat already “rolled balls”. Winter mini-feeders with a sliding weight good said the bear, various Bel. Ventured on such fishing few.

The fishing of bear-on-don in the winter time in our area have gained popularity ten years ago. Interest slippery barbed fish originated probably because of the vacuum of the local reservoirs.

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In past years I was also an avid poplavochnaja. Could spend hours to sit in the hole waiting for a long-awaited bite. Bought two tents, a bunch of gear for catching fish in stagnant water. With years biting on the lakes was the “fade”, was caught only small “chips”.

Several fascinating stories about biruchiy fishing played a role. Tackle fishing for Biryuk, of course, differ from the lake district. In my Arsenal now three mini-feeder at 120 cm for catching lone wolf on the broach, plenty of gear with a deaf snap.

Especially fascinates me fishing Nosara in the product. The people of such gear called a “dumbass”. Indeed, a fisherman tries to “mess with” underwater creatures elusive bait. Knowing the greed of the wolf, the fishermen often nasazhivajut on a hook beam motylja.

Photo: Vladimir Grechkin.

Gear for Herald of fishing is simple. Spinning, coil brush lead ball, swivel, and leash with hook. I use the hooks 12 rooms, according to the international classification. The main fishing line 0,25, leash 0,14. Options. Experience has shown that thinner main line cuts through ice faster, which leads to a snap hook.

Small hooks difficult to remove from the Herald’s mouth and so I use hooks elongated. Indispensable in biruchiy fishing has become a willow twig-fork to release the gear from hooks. Gear Assembly, it is possible to go on the ice.

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“Dumbass” is also nice peck white bream, roach. Sometimes it comes across the pike. Such tackle you can fish in many rivers where the current is moderate, so do not need weights exorbitant weight. In the summer, many fishermen in our area also boats fish balls.

Depending on the strength of the flow, are matched loads. We have to don in the course of lead balls of from 8 to 30 grams. The cargo must feel when drawing. As soon as the cars touch the bottom, it is necessary to “bleed” a meter or two of fishing line, make a drawing in accelerated pace. If bite not, let go another ten feet and repeat the process.

Holes have to stand for hours, as sitting to catch the broach is not very convenient. For this reason, fishing is not take a fishing box. All tackle can easily fit in the package. Finding the Parking lot of the lone wolf or white fish, make some more holes, put the rod in a circle and begin to “stretch” the gear.

This method is effective for sluggish fish. If the bear bite recklessly, you can do one rod. Usually, the fishermen remembered the campsites Biryuk and try to fish on “their” hole. Never rasborinae old wells. There can easily be “run” on the lead balls.

This season, the bear was eating not so good. Only in the second week of February began to show activity. In five hours of fishing was able to catch up to thirty of Nosara. One kilogram Biryuk enough for excellent fish soup.

In early childhood the bear good and caught in the summer season. On the sandbanks with a return flow we caught hundreds of snotty fish. Dad loved biruchiy ear, and the mother quietly hated the barbed fish.

Painful injections biruchiy long spikes reminded him of himself. Still surprised nadovezivati parents. When processing the catch I cut the spines with scissors, and mucus wash away with hot water. No trouble.

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The bear is omnivorous. But there are unexplained paradoxes. Within the city prefers bloodworms, and upstream don Biruk bite solely on the worm.

The bear lives throughout the waters of the don, but not everywhere it is possible to catch in the winter. On my small home in the winter, the bear is not caught.

Vanished pit, the bottom silted up and the bear moved in search of new places.
Biruchiy fishing energetic and healthy. Hours of “marking” holes replaces training in the gym. How to describe an incredible experience from the bite of the bear.


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