Biologists have discovered a terrible cancers monsters with the power of the tiger


Биологи открыли страшных раков-монстров, обладающих силой тигра Coconut crabs were bloodthirsty killers.

Modern biology is a science based on a rich factual material. However, there are some white spots. For example, biologists still little is known about the life and habits of coconut crabs. However, sometimes in search of knowledge, scientists have had to become witnesses of the bloody drama.

The well-known biologist mark Laidre recorded episode of attack of coconut crabs on the sleeping bird. In a matter of hours cancers was able to break and to completely eat their prey. The researcher described what he saw in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Coconut crabs (palm thieves) is a species of decapod hermit crabs, their body length reaches 40 cm and a maximum weight of 4 kg. They are omnivorous, feeding on contents of coconut, smaller crustaceans and dead relatives. The strength of their claws is comparable to the bite force of a tiger. The biologist told how cancer crept to olose red-legged bird, larger than himself, while she slept on the bottom tree branch, grabbed her wing and held, while she tried to fend off his feet.

The smell of blood attracted five coconut cancers who rushed to join the battle. For a few hours, they dismembered and ate the bird.

This is not the first time coconut crabs are attacking the red-legged boobies, notes Like. Two years ago, his colleague watched as the cancer dragged the bird into the hole. Despite the brutality seen, these frames allow you to learn more about the life of coconut cancers, says Laidre. They are not too well understood, and any information may be useful.

So, it is established that birds avoid nesting on Islands where a lot of coconut crabs.


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