Bill gates explained why cryptocurrencies carry humanity death


Билл Гейтс объяснил, почему криптовалюты несут человечеству смерть Billionaire refers to anonymous e-money with great suspicion.

The founder of the Corporation “Microsoft” bill gates is strongly opposed to the cryptocurrency. He is sure that the anonymous money contribute to the spread of drugs among the population.

It is worth noting that a few years ago bill gates sufficiently positive to put anonymous virtual money. The journalists of the channel Bloomberg TV in 2014, he said that bitcoin can outrun the usual currency.

The entrepreneur also shared some achievements. For example, scientists with the financial support of bill gates closer to understanding the causes of dementia (they defined the role of glial cells). The first drug may appear in twenty years.

Gates also believes, if you believe the comment of one rich man that the US should levy more taxes on people who own significant capital.


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