Biden wins the battle in Michigan


The Sanders campaign was focused on Michigan. Sanders surprised there in 2016 with a win over Hillary Clinton. But he wasn’t involved with Biden. In almost all population groups, Biden outperformed his competitor. Sanders was only more popular with young people.

Biden reacted modestly to the result. In his speech he already clearly took into account the task ahead of him if Sander were to leave the race. Then he will have to get the Sanders supporters behind him. Biden therefore provided a clear guide.

“I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their passion and unbridled energy. And together we will defeat Donald Trump. “

Sanders decided not to address his supporters. It is exceptional that a candidate does not speak on a day when there is a vote. It indicates that the Sanders campaign is thinking hard about what the next step should be.

With these results it becomes very difficult to keep Biden from being banned. “Tonight was his option, it didn’t happen,” a campaign adviser told CNN. Sanders is now at a greater distance and knows that there will be states that fit in demographically in Joe Biden’s street.

Sanders indicated in advance that he would continue anyway, and that he would also participate in the coming debate on Sunday. That would be the first debate with just the two ruffs on the podium. Sanders could still try to use that debate to turn the tide. “We are going to debate,” assured a campaign employee.

Mathematically speaking, Sanders can still win the nomination. 1991 delegates are needed. Biden has more than 700 delegates, Sanders more than 600. But although it is not impossible, it has become a lot harder after tonight.


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