Biden wants Trump to show up on inauguration


Incoming president Joe Biden hopes to be president when he gets transfer of power in the United States of America with a message of strength and stability to the rest of the world.

Biden added on Thursday in an interview with CNN that it was personally indifferent to him whether or not Trump shows up, but that presenting two formal rivals, standing together when someone takes up office, is an important part of American democracy.

“More than the impact on domestic politics, I’m really worried about the image we’re presenting to the rest of the world,” he said in the joint interview with upcoming Vice President Kamala Harris. “The rest of the world was watching us. And you’ve heard me say this several times, they followed us not only because of the example of our strength, they followed us for the power of our example.”

Trump has refused to say whether he will attend the inauguration on 20 January and continues to insist that he has won the elections. Although he has allowed the official transition to begin while states continue to certify their election results.


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