Biathlon. Ukraine won the mixed relay at the European Championships


Ukrainian biathletes with a spectacular victory wrapped up at the European Championships in ridnaun.

Yuliya Zhuravok, Irina Varvynets, pryma Artem and Dmitry Pidruchny – in that order Ukrainian mixed relay mined the victory in the Italian snow.

The turning point was the third stage of Brendan due to the excellent shooting and a quick move from fifth place to first progressed, and Dmitry Pidruchny at the last stage, withstood the onslaught of Russian Alexander Loginov and kept at the first position.

Race result:

1. Ukraine (0+6) 1:11:40.1
2. Russia (0+9) +11.7
3. Norway (0+4) +33.2
4. France (0+11) +39.6
5. Czech Republic (0+9) +1:19.2

In the single mixed relay Sergey Semenov and Nadezhda Belkina took a modest 12th place. The key was the third phase in the performance of Belkin – Ukrainian stance earned two penalties and deprived the team of the last chances to finish in the top-5.

Race result:

1. Norway (0+6) 35:39.6
2. France (0+11) +8.6
3. USA (0+10) +9.1
4. Estonia (0+8) +24.1
5. Russia (0+9) +27.5

12. Ukraine (2+8) +1:41.6


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