Biathlon. The Germans won the relay in Ruhpolding, unexpected failure of Ukraine


Women’s German national team on biathlon has won the home stage of the world Cup in Ruhpolding.

The Germans were constantly in the leading group, and in the last stage of the current world Cup champion Laura dahlmeier, despite the shooting problems, managed to beat Federica Sanfilippo and did not allow the Italian to win on German soil.

For Ukrainians the last relay before the Olympic games in Pyeongchang ended in complete disaster. At the first stage Semerenko Valj lost almost a minute, Julia and Jim took five more bullets – it became clear that Ukraine is in today’s race even in the top 6 to qualify will not be.

Vita Semerenko and Anastasia Mokrushina replaced at the last stage Elena Pidgrushnoy, managed to lift the team into 11th place, but this result still was the worst for the team since 2010.

Ruhpolding. Women. The results of the relay:

1. Germany (Preuss, Herrmann, Hildebrand, Dahlmeier, 0+9) 1:08:47.0
2. Italy (Vittozzi, Wierer, Gauthier, Sanfilippo, 0+3) +2.9
3. Sweden (Persson, Brorsson, Magnusson, Öberg, 0+5) +17.2
4. Norway (0+9) +23.1
5. Poland (0+5) +24.5
6. Czech Republic (0+7) +1:04.6
7. Russia (0+7) +1;20.8
8. Switzerland (1+11) +1:37.1

11. Ukraine (Semerenko, Jim, Semerenko, Merkushina, 0+12) +2:13.7


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