Biathlon: Semerenko rounded out the top ten in the sprint race


Winning the race was won by Italy’s Dorothea Wierer.

Ukrainian biathlete Vita Semerenko rounded out the top ten in the sprint race at the first stage of the biathlon world Cup in Ostersund, Sweden.

On the first turn of the Vita earned a penalty and it seemed high to qualify will not be able, but on the second lap was pretty quick on the track and coped perfectly with the stand, showed a high result at the finish.

Valj Semerenko at the same shooting behind the sisters to 23 seconds, but this interval could fit a lot of rivals, and Wali – 24th.

Darya Blashko, Anastasiya Merkushyna and Nadezhda Belkina because of the weak speed of the race was outside the top 40.

Won the race, the Italian Dorothea wierer. Coming at the start in yellow Beebe as the winner of the last season, pretty confident won another victory. Second place went to Norway olsbu Marte of Roseland, and the third was Czech Market of David.

Sprint. Women

  • Dorothea Wierer (0+1) 19:48,5
  • Olsbu Marte Roseland (2+0) +8,6
  • Marketa Davidova (0+0) +11,9
  • Vita Semerenko (1+0) +41,1
  • Valj Semerenko (1+0) +1:04,5
  • Darya Blashko (0+1) +1:37,4
  • Anastasiya Merkushyna (2+0) +1:51,9
  • Nadezhda Belkina (0+2) +2:23,0

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