Biathlon: Merkushyna in the top 10 of the individual race of the world Cup 2019 in östersund


Three Ukrainian biathletes were in the top-15 individual race at the world Championships in östersund.

Anastasiya Merkushyna with three zeros before the last shooting was in the top 6, but the minute penalty at the final stand has not allowed the Ukrainian to compete for the part in the flower ceremony.

In a similar scenario last race and Valj Semerenko, which at the equator independents were 7 seconds behind Merkushino. Unfortunately, a skilled Ukrainian with three penalty minutes did not even make the top 30.

Yulia Jim and Yulia Zhuravok flawless shooting was not able to sustain good progress on the track. As a result, both Ukrainian women, despite the lack of penalty minutes, did not even make the top 10.

Gold in the individual race went to Swede Hanna öberg, who last year in this discipline was the first Olympic games in Pyeongchang.

World Cup-2019. Women. Results individual race:

1. Hanna Öberg (Sweden, 0+0+0+0) 43:10,4
2. Lisa Vittozzi (Italy, 0+0+0+0) +23,6
3. Justine Breza (France, 0+0+1+0) +32,5

10. Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine, 0+0+0+1) +2:04,6
12. Julia Jim (Ukraine, 0+0+0+0) +2:28,6
14. Yuliya Zhuravok (Ukraine, 0+0+0+0) +2:33,5
36. Valya Semerenko (Ukraine, 0+0+1+2) +4:22,2


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