Biathlon. France won the women’s relay in Oberhof, Ukraine – the fifth


The French broke the hegemony of Germany in the second relay of the season in Oberhof.

In the first stage, Anastasiya Merkushyna, replacing Executive Valya Semerenko, with two spare cartridges passed the baton to the fourth with a 27-second gap from capturing the leadership of France.

Julia Jima in the second stage used four spare rounds and dropped to sixth place. In the first place by the efforts of Dorothea wierer rose Italy, ahead of the French team in 23 seconds.

In the third stage Vita Semerenko also faced problems at the shooting range. Ukraine remained in the sixth position, behind the bronze position for 25 seconds.

The final part of the race Ukrainian women also failed – Olena Pidhrushna took two spares and are unable to join in the fight for a medal. Ukraine because of the problem of shooting finished in a modest fifth place.

Oberhof. Women. The results of the relay:

1. France (Laura, Knight, Amonia, Breza, 1+10) 1:12:42.4
2. Germany (Hinz, Herrmann, Preuss, Hammerschmidt, 2+13) +32.4
3. Sweden (Persson, Magnusson, Hoeberg, Brorsson, 0+8) +48.2
4. Russia (1+5) +1:04.7
5. Ukraine (0+12) +1:15.8
6. Italy (2+8) +2:06.9
7. Finland (1+11) +2:34.7
8. Poland (2+13) +2:52.0


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