Biathlon. Fourcade scored twice in Oberhof, Pidruchny rounded out the top 5


French biathlete Martin Fourcade at the world Cup in Oberhof won their fourth win of the season.

Fourcade started the first, but the first shooting arrived along with Svendsen and Johannes Bø. Two of the world Cup leader made the slip-up that allowed Him to lead the race. Four-time Olympic champion kept the first until the third firing line, until it was bypassed Fourcade.

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At the last shooting, the Frenchman has closed all targets and pointedly looked at his Norwegian competitors. Fourcade won the 67-th victory in the world Cup, and the final podium Martin brought brothers of be.

Great pursuit gave Dmitry Pidruchny – born in Ternopil ‘ with one penalty in the third time in his career finished in the top 5 and showed the best result in his career pursuit. Pryma Artem because of the failure in the first shooting fell back to 25th place.

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Oberhof. Men. Results pursuit:

1. Martin Fourcade (France, 1+0+0+0) 32:23.6
2. Garanichev Evgeniy (Norway, 1+1+1+0) +6.3
3. Tarjei Boe (Norway, 0+0+0+0) +30.9

5. Pidruchnuy Dmytro (Ukraine, 0+1+0+0) +1:16.2
25. Pryma Artem (Ukraine, 3+1+0+0) +3:11.4

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