Biathlon. Eberhard pulled out a victory in the mass start Kontiolahti


Austrian biathlete Julian Eberhard on the world Cup stage in Kontiolahti won their fourth career win.

The first shooting without misses were 17 participants in the mass start. In this company was not Martin Fourcade is the defending champion of the world Cup went to two penalties and found themselves in a position to catch up.

On the equator of the race the lead was intercepted by the German doll. Johannes boe and Shipulin went to the penalty loop and Fourcade shot clean and was close to the leaders.

After standing the first with a 15 second lead over their pursuers became the Olympic champion Pyeongchang Peiffer. Fourcade entered the top-5 and Be-younger with two penalties fell among the contenders for the podium.

In the final standing stage, Fourcade worked without misfires and became the leader of the race. French 5 seconds ahead of Shipulin, and the third with a 17-second gap was Eberhard.

While the two leaders played a tactical game, a six-foot Austrian quickly began to close the gap. For a few hundred meters before the finish Shipulin, with the help of Eberhard fell, could not stand the onslaught of Julian and Fourcade, came to the race after a recent illness.

Given the failure of the Johannes boe, who took 19th place, Martin Fourcade strengthened his lead in the standings of the world Cup and almost had secured the Small crystal globe in the standings before the mass starts.

Kontiolahti. Men. The results of the mass start:

1. Julian Eberhard (Austria, 2) — 38.04.8
2. Martin Fourcade (France, 2) — +6,9
3. Anton Shipulin (Russia, 1) — +19,3
4. Benedikt Doll (Germany, 2) — +21,9
5. Erik Lesser (Germany, 1) — +23,9
6. Arnd Peiffer (Germany, 2) — 27,1


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