Beyonce was suspected of a visit to a plastic surgeon


Everyone talks about the scandal of a pregnant Beyonce.

The new theme for the discussion was the appearance of a pregnant Beyonce. After she posted new photos on his page on Instagram, the fans decided that Beyonce was injected gel for lip augmentation.

This talk of interest from members of the press. American tabloids published the news about plastic surgery Beyonce.

And then there was a comment representative of the singer Yvette Noel-Schur. She sharply commented on the ridiculous speculation:

“What do you know about the processes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman? Tell me. Did you know that added weight, changing the composition of the blood, increases the amount of fluid that is causing swelling? You know that swell even the gums? And that sometimes it affects speech, chewing ability and a bunch of other things.”

Yvette was silent when Beyonce was pregnant for the first time and “walked” the rumors that she just wears slip the stomach. But this time Yvette did not keep silent.

“Sacrificing your face, legs and body in General, the woman brings into the world a new life that will one day fight with your hate and negativity. You are pathetic individuals who choose to attack a pregnant lady.Find someone else and go to the store of happiness, you obviously miss him”.

We will note, earlier wrote that Beyonce will give birth at home. Jay-Z specifically for this, even set up a room.


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