Between Putin and Lukashenko, a dispute arose


Между Путиным и Лукашенко возник спорThe dispute between the presidents was in St. Petersburg.

The presidents of Russia and Belarus during a meeting of the summit of the Eurasian economic Union in St. Petersburg argued because of the gas prices for Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko said about the different conditions for the Belarusian gas consumers for whom fuel costs $130 per thousand cubic meters, while Russian in the neighboring Smolensk region – $70.

To this Putin said that if Belarus was the market price of gas, it would be under $200 per thousand cubic meters instead of $127 and $129.

“When the press leaves the room – we will discuss”, – said Putin Belarusian President.

4 Dec Lukashenko in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” stated that gas prices hinder competition of Belarusian enterprises.

“If unequal conditions, our businesses could be “put down”. You, say, $ 40 get gas, and we 200-250. The difference is huge. We then need to reduce the cost, we have then the salary is not so, as in Russia,” – said Lukashenko.


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