Better late than never: supporters of the renovation have begun to see clearly


Лучше поздно, чем никогда: сторонники реновации начали прозревать

Moscow authorities are unable to clearly answer very uncomfortable questions about the renovation programme, thereby losing those who she was once voted

A few days ago “New news” published another article devoted to Moscow renovation “Renovation and sanitation: what Angers experts and Muscovites in the projects of the municipality.”

In it, as is evident from the title, it was said that the capital’s residents are increasingly opposed to this program because reality is radically at odds with what’s promised Moscow authorities at the very beginning. Even those who wholeheartedly stood for the renovation (and there were many, and they were and remain the reasons Most of them sincerely believed that “they still do as THEY (the tops) is necessary, so it remains only to adapt. And it will be even worse. And so it was and ALWAYS will be…

Now, even they have now become her enemies. And ask the authorities very unpleasant questions. For example, why in the project planning of new neighborhoods are cheloveynik height of more than 30 floors, and one of them – even monstrous, 72-storey? The one that are going to disfigure the district Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo.

Or why in new areas of residential area will be 3-4 times greater than current?

Are there for such Grand scale projects require adequate infrastructure with schools, kindergartens, hospitals, clinics, police stations, cultural institutions and the like?

Do you plan to have parks and public gardens in the midst of this high-rise ugliness?

The answers to these and similar questions does not give power! Not only that: people who ask them are trying every way to silence. This is logical: because the answer is in fact authorities have nothing.

Why? Yes all is very simple. Renovation – it was originally a commercial project, which is designed to a few of its “beneficiaries” – the developers and their affiliated officials, could earn. But the issue of power, this commercial project for the social, for allegedly care about a million resettled residents. And the money at stake is very large: Fund the renovation, supervised by Sobyanin and the modernisation project will receive from this program more than 7 trillion rubles.

Here he writes a popular blogger and a consistent opponent of the renovation Blaster2009, commenting on our article: “For this loot can be dumped sickly evil. Another thing is that the amount of evil can sooner or later exceed any being supplied. Even in the eyes of those who think that it will ALWAYS be… They began to see the light!”


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