Beneath the snows of the Arctic found human teeth age 4000 years


Под снегами Арктики нашли человеческие зубы возрастом 4000 лет Such discoveries are very rare.

A group of archaeologists stumbled on the teeth of ancient man on the territory of the Arctic. As recognized by the researchers, the discovery was truly sensational. These remains of nearly 4000 years. Thanks to it, scientists can prove that the migration of ancient humans from Asia to America.

We are talking about the teeth that were discovered in the caves, Trail Creek (Alaska) in 1949, but to study them properly managed only now, with the advent of modern technologies of genetic analysis.

The most important thing about this discovery is that teeth belong to the representatives of the people known to archaeologists as the ancient Beringia. These ancient Beringia existed at least 9000 years ago, before the age of instance, Trail Creek, and it is a population which has maintained its individuality and integrity.

Before Alaska and Asia were connected by the so-called Bering land bridge. It is through this post that ancient people traveled from Asia to America.

“Human remains in General quite rare in the Arctic regions – these are the very features of the Northern areas. And the remains, which are about four thousand years – this is a very special find,” said an employee of the national Park Service, Jeff Rasic.

“We opened the whole genome of this ancient person,” – said the archaeologist.

According to him, to make this sensational discovery, we need not only a lot of work, but also a little luck.

“We’ve found the remains of the ancient Beringia – bones, which is about eleven thousand years, were buried in four hundred miles away. That is, the area of this population were very broad.

Под снегами Арктики нашли человеческие зубы возрастом 4000 лет


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