Bender envy. New relatively honest ways of obtaining money


Бендеру на зависть. Новые сравнительно честные способы отъема денег

Wonder we know, any doubtful undertaking is compared to the “Horns and hooves” Ostap Bender.

First, although his office was a “roof,” but he still engaged in their billet. The sign was legal, and she was drunk and got behind a tariff.

Secondly, he risked his money, although his probation. The years have passed, and there are “relatively honest ways of obtaining money”, that is breathtaking. There is no risk.

For example, on the eve of may day you arrange fake fake fake assault troops of the “Reichstag” of cardboard and plywood.

How much is actually on this show million written off-potracheno, and how much to pocket, nobody knows. Sturm saw? Seen. There are pictures. The rest does not concern you.

Here or shipping from Jerusalem “Holy fire”. All have long known that the fire was fake. Ignited from a match. God has nothing to do with it. What is his grace? No one is saying.

But adventurers from among the millionaires peck on advertising and… fly with the head of the Board of Trustees of St. Andrew Foundation Mr. Yakunin to the Holy sepulcher. In the plane of such “pilgrims” are always 100 souls.

If you are a big boss, very easy. Order to charge tenants a fee for “the repair of the house”. It does not conclude with them contracts for the aforesaid, do not call dates and generally just forget about it.

Not going to pay that? Right. Turn off the gas. Going to take the kids. Evicted from the apartment.

The main thing – that the tenants pay under threat of eviction. Pay after all, eh? For what? For air pay. For the “promise of marriage”.

Ostap nervously smokes on the sidelines deadwood


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