Bella Hadid twisted new novel


Western media reported that recently Bella Hadid and Drake romantically involved.

After breaking up with frontmena the Weeknd, about the personal life of Bella Hadid nothing was known.

Of course, the young model has always been surrounded by a lot of men who admired her beauty, but in a romantic relationship Bella was not. That all changed after her birthday.

More recently, Hadid has turned 21. This day to congratulate Bella came to her family, friends, and one unexpected guest – rapper Drake. According to those present at the festival, Drake is preparing for birthday, surprised to see the luxurious and sincere congratulations. It is worth noting that the earlier bell has been seen with Drake at a party at which celebrities have gone together.

Well, let’s wait for official statements from Bella Hadid and Drake, or a joint photo.


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