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Belarusian military-industrial complex found itself in the modernization of the Soviet “iron”


Белорусский ВПК нашел себя на рынке модернизации советского «железа»

Although the leadership of Belarus has made it a priority to export of innovative weapons, the military-industrial complex (MIC), the country expects to receive hundreds of millions of dollars from the modernization of the old Soviet air defense (PVO), said the Belarusian military commentator Alexander Alesin.

In particular, in the amount of about $ 200 million estimated air defense system that Belarus wants to buy Angola. According to the Angolan media in the preparation of the transaction involved, the development Bank of the Republic of Belarus company “Tetraedr” and insurance company “Beleximgarant”.

Everything is done at the customer’s

As you can understand, the executor of the transaction will be the company “Tetrahedron”, which specializiruetsya on the development and the manufacture of advanced radio-electronic weapon systems, hardware and software used in control systems radar and electronic systems as well as modernization of air defense.

The subject of the transaction will be, apparently, the modernization of Soviet anti-aircraft missile complexes (AAMS) s-125 “Neva”/”Pechora” and “Wasp”, which is armed with an army of Angola is one of the largest in Africa. It is known that air defense facility of this country has up to 24 battalions of s-125 (96 launchers). But a military — to 25 SAM “Wasp”.

The tetrahedron specializiruetsya such modernization.

The program of modernization of s-125 mainly involves the introduction algorithms the SAM was developed by company two methods of targeting anti-aircraft guided missiles (AAGM). The first is the method of kinematic differential management based on the theory of optimal terminal control of aircraft; the second modified the three-point method based on the theory of local optimal control for aircraft.

The result of such a program increases the probability of hitting the target with one missile, expanding the boundary of the affected area, greatly increases noise immunity realized dvuhstadialnoj on target.

Range of defeat of air targets is doubled, up to 35 km and reach heights of 7 km and 25 km away, and SAM gets the ability to destroy targets flying at speeds up to 900 m/s (up to 700 m/s). Increases the accuracy of target destruction. The period of operation of SAM is extended for 15 years.

Application in C-125-2ТМ new methods of missile guidance and new principles of processing radar signals, modern opto-electronic systems and several other innovations helped to get SAM to meet modern requirements for combat effectiveness, noise immunity, operational reliability and ergonomics.

This modernization program also takes place on the premises of customers.

“Wasp” becomes “Stiletto”

Experts note that the Tetrahedron typically offers two versions of modernization of the “Wasp”. The base has an index 9K33-1T “OSA-1T” and represents an extensive renovation of the system until its transfer to a new chassis MZKT-69222 with the wheel formula 6×6.

Белорусский ВПК нашел себя на рынке модернизации советского «железа»


SAM “OSA-1T”. Photo tetraedr.com

In version 9К33-1T due to the transfer of 80% of the radio complex on new components for greater reliability, increased noise immunity and increases the degree of automation of combat operation. Introduces the optoelectronic system of OES-1T with the instrument is designed and a laser rangefinder.

The result of ZRK “OSA-1T” can hit targets at ranges up to 12 km and at altitudes up to 7 km, including small, made by technology “stealth”, as well as helicopters of fire support. The probability of hitting aerodynamic targets is 0.6-0.8, and maneuvering — 0,4-0,7.

On the basis of SAM “OSA-1T” was developed for Autonomous mobile SAM T-38 “Stiletto”. Radar of the SAM can detect up to 48 air targets with the minimum effective scattering surface of 0.03 square meters, flying at an altitude of 5000 meters — at ranges of up to 40 km, flying at an altitude of 50 m to 27 km Range tracking of targets is 28 km away.

ECO-1T is able to detect the purpose of the type MiG-29 over 30 km on the television channel and for 35 km on a thermal, taking aim on the support at a distance of 20 and 22 km respectively. SAM hits a target with probability of 0.9.

The complex is able to fire two missiles at one target and due to the presence of OES-1T can simultaneously fire two goals.

Combat vehicle of the complex T-381 made on the chassis MZKT-69222. In contrast to the basic chassis BAZ-5937 used in “Ose”, it is not amphibious, but has a variable ground clearance.

T-381 is equipped with navigation, topographic location, communications, life support and power supply of the complex. The machine can be transported by Il-76 aircraft.

“Square” pull to the “Buku”

Meanwhile, some experts believe that the upgrade of the air defense of Angola is not only the Tetrahedron. Perhaps the matter will connect Minsk OJSC “Alevkurp”.

The fact that the composition of the Angolan army air defense includes seven divisions of the old Soviet air defense system “Square”, the program of modernization which promotes “Alevkurp”.

As follows from the information released at the international exhibition of arms and military equipment Milex-2017, upgraded “Square” (the designation of “Square-MA”) for a number of tactical and technical characteristics corresponds to the more modern “Buk-M2”.

Combat means “Square-MA” — self-propelled installation intelligence and guidance and the self-propelled launcher — posted in the crawler, as in previous versions, and wheeled Transporter MZKT-6922 (formula 6×6).

According to some experts, available to poor countries so a lot of old Soviet weapons that sustainable income from exports of services of modernization of the domestic defense industry can get a long time.



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