Because of the extreme heat in Ukraine before time awakened marmots


Из-за аномального тепла в Украине раньше времени проснулись суркиAnimals who are considered the harbingers of spring, come out of hibernation

Recall that Surkov is considered to be the harbingers of spring – usually they Wake up at the end of February and predict when it comes warm weather. Animals revealed a hole, but on the surface marmots are rare. Employees found out that the animals woke up, only using treats.

“We put them a set of feeds, and on the first day the bread was razgryzt and part of the feed disappeared. They dragged themselves into a hole”, – told in the zoo. Zoologist Tatyana Bondarenko said that the couple marmots whistling and Svistukha with the cubs because of the heat climbed in the hole in early summer. Now, because of abnormal winter warmth woke up early. “Most likely, this is due to the abnormally warm winter in the South of Ukraine.

The body of the animal reacts. Usually marmots Wake up in late February – early March”, – said the head of Department of predatory animals of the Nikolaev zoo. According to zoologists, if the weather changes, marmots may again lie dormant. And while the animals are fed and observing their behavior.

It is also worth noting that due to the extreme weather in January this year in the Nikolaev area in the middle of winter bloomed crocuses and primroses.


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