Because of the collapse of SES in the Ukrainian resort you can pick up any intestinal infection


Из-за развала СЭС на украинских курортах можно подхватить любую кишечную инфекцию

In Turkey, the Ukrainians have contracted the Coxsackie virus, which caused heavy consequences. Media began to sound the alarm that Coxsackie coming to Ukraine. The ГолосUA decided to investigate what consequences can lead the disease and asked about this at the doctor of the infectious disease Olga Golubovska.

– Threatened Ukraine, the epidemic of Coxsackie virus?

– Increased incidence of enteroviruses has been observed for several years. Coxsackie previously considered child’s infection, which hurt at an early age. In adults, the disease had immunity. Now for the last 5-7 years we have seen the growth of this disease. But the most interesting that it moved to the adult area. This is something that had never happened before. Now we are seeing family outbreaks of this virus. Recently counseled a married couple who got Coxsackie virus in Ukraine. Until the outbreak of the epidemic can not be called, but everything will depend on the number of registration of cases of infection by the virus. We are due to complete imbalance of the system of epidemiological surveillance, a huge number of infectious diseases just eludes official statistics. Any statistics infectious diseases multiply 10 times and you can’t go wrong. Because many people do not seek help and even if treated, the cases are not registered for various reasons. Therefore epidemic in our country will occur when there is a catastrophic increase in morbidity, which will be impossible to hide. But I don’t think the epidemic is still announced.

– Can you provide the Coxsackie virus from Turkey?

Yes. The incubation period of this disease about 7 days. Often only a few days. If the holidaymaker contracted the virus before flying to the Ukraine, then, of course, here they have been ill and all his family. Because, again, we see family flash. The virus is quite resistant to the environment. Usually, when there had been outbreaks of this disease, there for 14 days was declared a quarantine in order to disinfection. The virus is very stable, not all disinfectants kill him. He is a long time on household items. For example, you may be on the doorknobs, on the tables.

– Is it possible to catch this virus in water and on the beach?

– In the sea there. But the virus can persist on the surface of fresh water. In swimming pools swimming is not allowed. And when bathing they need to avoid getting water in the nose and mouth. In the sand no virus, under direct ultraviolet rays it dies quickly enough.

– How not to get infected with Coxsackie?

– Key recommendations – personal hygiene. Hands should not be washed just before eating and after visiting toilets. Also to use only safe water. You can not drink raw water from the tap. It must boil, as the virus when boiling killed instantly.

– What are the main symptoms of the virus?

The virus is manifested as intestinal infection – enterovirus. Appear enteritis. Any clinical form of the disease can occur with diarrheal syndrome and rashes on the body. The disease can be a long time to give the body temperature and extensive rashes. May experience severe pain in the chest and stomach pain.

– What are the complications?

From myocarditis to damage to the Central deckle and even paralysis. But if this same symptom caused by anitvirus 71, then there may be a severe complications of the cardiovascular system and Central nervous system. It could be myocarditis, which cause heart failure and serosnye meningitis, meningo – encephalitis and paralysis.

If time does not begin treatment, Coxsackie can lead to a fatal outcome?

– For infectious diseases depends on the one hand from the pathogen, and on the other side of the state of the body. If it is weakened or the person has underlying medical conditions, including those of the cardiovascular system. But there is no doubt that the virus will hit the weak spots. For such people any entrovirus present a rather serious danger. So, you should immediately consult the doctor and not to self-medicate, not to take a lot of unnecessary drugs. It is worth remembering that there is no specific treatment, it is symptomatic and supportive. And if the form of the disease is pronounced, then we need to try to was admitted. At least for a few days.

– What is the treatment?

– You can take antipyretics, but without fanaticism. And only if the body temperature above 38.5. But you can’t bring the temperature down to normal numbers. The body needs to fight. Because of constant churning in temperature leads to a severe and prolonged course of the disease. No need to take any antibiotics and a lot of enteroviral drugs. The temperature can take various immunomodulators. They are useless. Because the body and so the most fights, and spur it is not necessary.

– What other viruses lurk Ukrainians in the resorts?

– On the beach of domestic and foreign resorts Ukrainians lurking mass threat viruses. For example, from the group of enteroviral diseases – hepatitis A. people will start to bring the disease. And since the incubation period for hepatitis A is long, in contrast to antarius, up to 45 days, ill all will begin in October and November. From exotic countries can cause viral hepatitis which is Also malaria, coronaviruses respiratory syndrome, avian influenza and many others. Domestic resorts, given the complete collapse of the SPP, and the lack of control you can pick up any intestinal infection. For example, Salmonella, various bacterial diseases, and many other bacterial infections.




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