Became known why the father of Meghan Markle gave her letter to the press


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The scandal surrounding the Duke of Sussex continued.

Recently the Royal family of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry emerged, another scandal. And again, the culprits of all were the relatives of the former actress, who tries to stop communication with them. This time the reason for a headline in the press was a letter that the father of the Duchess, Thomas Markle passed into the hands of journalists. The man said six months kept it and only now decided to give a message to the daughter in the public eye, reports the with reference for Today.

But such a gesture from his father was seriously angry member of the Royal family. Moreover, the husband Meghan Markle Prince Harry is suing the tabloid to cease to dig into their personal life. According to People, on the background of inflated scandal Thomas decided to clarify the situation and was told why he gave the letter to the press.

It turns out that in a recent interview with girlfriend Megan raised the subject of her relationship with the Pope and said that the Duchess begged her father to stop denigrate her in the press: “I love you. I only have one father. Please stop following me in the media.” According to friends, Thomas sent a reply in which he asked the daughter to do with him photo shoot. This again affected her feelings, she just asked me to stop communicating with her through the media. To all, a friend, a former actress put things in the way that Megan wrote 75 year old father a conciliatory note.

But, according to the man, it looked more like a farewell message. So he decided to publish a letter to the society itself became convinced of the truthfulness of his words.

“When Megan’s mother Dorey first photographed Megan and Harry that showed that it is part of the family. I wanted to make this picture only because I wanted to demonstrate the harmony between us, to press us from behind,” said Markle, noting that he is extremely upset that her daughter understood it wrong.


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