Became known why Elizabeth II chastises Kate Middleton


Стало известно, почему Елизавета II отчитывает Кейт МиддлтонIn the Royal Protocol of the Kingdom is clearly spelled out dress code to be followed by all family members. But Kate Middleton sometimes breaks the fashion rules.

Journalist and Royal expert Ashley Pearson said that Elizabeth II chastises the Duchess of Cambridge for choosing the wrong clothes. In relation to Kathryn-there are a number of rules and restrictions.

“The Queen has repeatedly made comments about Kate wearing skirts of unacceptable length, or tights are the wrong color. Elizabeth writes special notes, if she doesn’t like the look of Catherine. These notes are then given to the Duchess,” says Ashley.

Earlier it became known, why Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle do not have the title of princesses. According to Royal expert, this decision was made Queen. Elizabeth II alone disposes of Royal regalia.


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