Became known, who should stay away from Wi-Fi


Стало известно, кому стоит держаться подальше от Wi-FiWhen a pregnant woman affected by the radiation from magnetic fields, then it increases the risk of miscarriage.

Some people are worth less to contact with Wi-Fi and devices that involve the use, and not without good reason.

The scientists found that pregnant women should stay away from Wi-Fi, as well as to minimize the use of smartphones and computers. The fact that radiation can cause very undesirable consequences.

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente conducted and published in the journal Scientific Reports a study which determined the impact of using wireless networks on a pregnant woman. The results were disappointing.

It turned out that when a pregnant woman affected by the radiation from magnetic fields (power lines, wireless networks, transformers), then it increases the risk of miscarriage by 48 percent!

The researchers argue that in order to minimize this risk, you should keep smartphones and other wireless devices as possible from the stomach, in any case not to carry them in your pocket, use a headset while talking on the phone and enable airplane mode if the phone is not needed.


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