Became known which fish may protect against cancer


Стало известно, какая рыба может защитить от ракаWhat to look for when selecting fish, said the experts.

Scaly red fish contains protein, which saturates the muscles with oxygen. Thanks to this, the fish swims faster, but in the cooking process, the oxidation of protein. Due to the release of iron and its relationship can develop cancer.

Threat protein contains tuna, mackerel, whales and seals. To avoid dangerous health consequences, it is necessary to dry the fish on the grill. To keep this fish is in a sealed container, reducing its contact with air.

The doctors drew attention to the use of white fish. Due to the lack myoglobin, oxidation processes are much slower.
Despite the fact that white fish is somewhat less of vitamins, harm from it also less.

Japanese scientists have proven that people who consume daily white fish have less cancer of the liver.


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