Became known, where prefer to rest EU citizens


Стало известно, где предпочитают отдыхать жители ЕвросоюзаWhere spend their holidays EU citizens.

According to Eurostat (Brussels), the Europeans made in 2017, 1.2 billion tourist trips.

However, they prefer to relax in the European countries.

The vast majority – 94% – not at all traveled during a holiday outside the EU. Very often the Europeans choose travelling within the same country.

The number of overnight stays in hotels in the territory of the European Union in 2017 suggests that slightly more than half of European holidaymakers (52%) are choosing domestic travel, and only 35% were in other EU countries.

Of the total number of nights spent in hotels and hostels throughout Europe, 13% per cent of tourists from countries outside the European Union.

According placements, the highest percentage of overnight stays of the citizens of their own country falls on Poland (94%).

And here at Malta, on the contrary, the highest percentage of tourists from other European Union countries (84%).

Cyprus is the European country with most tourists from non-EU States.


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