Became known, the threat repeatedly boiled water


Стало известно, чем опасна многократно кипяченая водаDoctors say that a few times to boil water unsafe for health.

As we know, from the tap flows not quite useful to human body water. And if to tell more precisely, it is absolutely not suitable for human consumption because it contains microbes and various chemicals.

People used to drink boiled water, if it is not possible to buy filters or dial spring. But very often the filled kettle is heated to boiling several times, thus changing the composition of its contents.

It turns out that when repeated and each subsequent boiling of the water, it formed hazardous substances such as arsenic, fluoride, source of nitrate and other.

How may harm the health of arsenic from boiled water?

Very often, arsenic is added for purification of tap water in order to get rid of pathogens in it. The dose of arsenic to humans is not completely of danger, but the worst thing not many people know that arsenic can settle in the body and accumulate, and when it will be more than you need, and then it starts a sudden illness.

Usually, arsenic causes damage to the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system, but can also be the cause of cardiovascular disease.

Doctors say that long-term consumption of repeatedly boiled water enriched in arsenic and other non-useful substances, may lead to such serious diseases as cancer and diabetes.

What does boiled water to infertility?

Many people do not realize that if you boil water several times, then it formed of fluorine compounds, which later transformirovalsya in fluoride, and these compounds, in turn, negatively affect the Central nervous system and the reproductive function, which ultimately can lead to infertility.

Also, drinking water with fluoride can harm children, gradually weakening their mental abilities.

Water, like food, contain nitrates

At the first boiling, they turn into nitrosamines – carcinogens that contribute to development of cancer in the digestive organs and not only. In case the water to boil several times the amount of nitrosamines in it increases significantly.


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