Became known the possible cause of a train crash in Egypt


Стала известна возможная причина железнодорожной катастрофы в ЕгиптеA horrible accident could occur due to human error.

To a train accident in Egypt, which killed 36 people, was caused by a mistake of the driver. This was stated by the Governor of Alexandria Mohamed Sultan.

“According to preliminary data, the driver traveling behind the train responsible for the collision. He had not noticed a forbidding signal of a semaphore on the road, where there were different composition, which led to the tragedy”, – said M. Sultan.

In addition, according to some, a work station filed the wrong signal to the first composition, for which the train stopped, and he later entered other composition.

Reportedly, the collision of two trains in Egypt has killed 36 people , and the number of victims has more than 40 people.
It is worth noting that, according to preliminary information, Ukrainians among the victims in the collision of trains in Egypt.


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