Became known the details of the market launch of the new cryptocurrency from the Telegram


Стали известны подробности выхода на рынок новой криптовалюты от TelegramYou can not hide anything.

Reporters learned the first details about the planned for the spring of 2018, the release of a new blockchain Telegram Open Network (TON).

He declared as “the blockchain of the third generation” out bitcoins after a and Ethereum. The new electronic currency from the Creator of “Vkontakte” and “Telegram” announced the publication

The primary virtual economy Telegram Open Network (TON) will become coins Gram. They can be used both within the system and outside.

In the new blockchain is planned to create a comprehensive system of micropayments available as the users of the Telegram, and third-party services. Funds will be accessed through a TON wallets.

It is assumed that the network architecture TON Blockchain will allow for millions of transactions per second. For comparison, Bitcoin and Ethereum is 7 and 15 transactions per second.

Also on the basis of the Telegram establishes a system of identification for users, a virtual passport (secure universal ID).

By 2021, more TON will be established and fully operational. At this point, the project changed its name from Telegram Open Network The Open Network and management “new TON” will pass into the hands of TON Foundation.

Users can legally engage in the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Telegram to legalize the sale of advertising within the channels, thereby creating an exchange of advertising.

Will complete the system of monetization channels and bots, a possible paid subscription or paid features to the bots.

Telegram will create a catalogue of applications – analogue AppStore or Google Play. There will be a system of recommendations on the basis of the user’s interests.

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One of the services will be TON TON Proxy, allowing users to bypass certain lock resource, providing access to all web sites and services.


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