Became known, the consequences of too dry air


Стало известно, к чему приводит слишком сухой воздух The main danger of insufficient air humidity.

Few people realize that dry air indoors is quite a serious problem. But it takes place in modern offices and apartments. The main causes of dry air are air conditioning, poor ventilation, Central heating, no ventilation, and in offices – and even a large number of people in the same room. Naturally, all these factors affect health and appearance and health of the person.

What causes dry indoor air

Often we ignore the various problems, perceiving them as a given. For example, the dust in the apartment. Indeed, it seems, well, where the apartment is taken so much dust, especially in the cold season? The fact that the heating of a battery by convection to help circulate the heated air around the room – with him are dust and germs that settle not only on visible places, but fall into the human respiratory tract. Here – allergies and various infections.

Thus convection currents, among other things, removes moisture from the air, increasing its temperature – it’s devastating not only for humans, but for pieces of furniture.

What are some dangers of dry air in the room?

1. A lot of dust

Dry air will never bind the dust, besides, if the apartment is hot, dust is very much, and she will fly in the air, settling not only on objects and furniture, but also in the respiratory tract of a person. This leads to the development of allergies and asthma.

2. Disease

Because of the dry air, the human body receives less oxygen, so people have chronic fatigue, drowsiness, impaired concentration of attention, there is a high risk of Contracting infections transmitted by airborne droplets. Against this background, it may even be a serious disease.

3. Susceptibility to infections

Dry air leads to the fact that they violate the self-cleaning bronchial tubes, and this, in turn, makes a person susceptible to respiratory infections.

4. Dry skin

Dry air accelerates the evaporation of moisture from the skin, due to which it becomes dry and rough, irritated and strained, ugly and flaky.

5. Dry mucous membranes

This is especially quickly and keenly felt by those who wear contact lenses – just a couple hours of being in a room with dry air and begins the pain in the eyes.

6. Decreased performance

7. Thirst

8. Cracks in wooden objects

Dry air causes wood furniture and General wood dry out, they begin to deform which can cause cracks and loss of the original appearance.

9. The drying up of the flooring

10. Frustrated tools

Of course, musical instruments have, therefore, this item will attract the attention of the only musicians from a lack of humidity, this may happen.

Ways of dealing with dry air

1. The most effective way to solve the problem of dry indoor air is a humidifier. However, this method is also the most expensive. However, experts say that it is worth it – after a couple of days to breathe in the room will be much easier.

2. Try to regularly ventilate the room – at least three times a day for ten minutes.

3. Be sure to drink a lot – at least eight glasses of water per day. At the same time from the coffee is better to refuse, as this drink is, on the contrary, dehydrates the body.

4. Conduct daily wet cleaning – wipe with a wet cloth, floor, furniture, window sills, and most importantly – battery. So you not only get rid of dust, but the air is noticeably wet.

5. Get flowers that are able to humidify the air. For these purposes, especially suitable for home fern, potted lime, fats, ficus, Cyperus, hibiscus, and dracaena. All these plants change the air in the room in a positive way.

6. If you work at a computer, buy rewetting drops for the eyes. It is necessary to do and in that case if you wear contact lenses, however, it is necessary to make sure that the drops can be combined with wearing lenses.

7. Hang on the radiator with a wet towel, as it dries it will be necessary to re-moisten. Put next to the radiator some containers with water: a bowl or even a bucket.

8. Start the aquarium. Moreover, it is not necessarily a fish, instead you can “make” underwater plants.

9. Buy a decorative water fountain. Including him, even from time to time, you will come to understand that the air was not so dry.

10. Open the Windows to “airing” when it is raining outside.

11. Purchase a thermal water and spray myself (especially it will help those who are forced to stay all day in the office). You can also spray the air around him from the gun – with the consent of the colleagues, of course.


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