Became known the code name of Queen Elizabeth II


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Became known to the secret code name that the British Queen Elizabeth II during official events called the officers of her guard.

According to the newspaper the Sun, for security purposes, Her Majesty has a name one letter — S (S English). As told the publication on condition of anonymity, one of the assistants of the Queen, S is a reduction from Sharon (Sharon). Why is the name chosen for the Queen is unknown. Unlikely because of the similarity with the movie star Sharon stone, reports the with reference on the Facts.

Royal historian Hugo Vickers in The Sun review noted that it is likely that the Queen secretly enjoys this name. “Nickname must be anonymous, a little mischievous and memorable. Though can mean simply “sovereign”, of course,” he said.

Now, apparently, “the underground nickname” the Queen will have to change since it ceased to be a secret.

It is also known that code names are used for US presidents. So, Barack Obama security called “Renegade” and Donald trump’s “Tycoon.”

At the Queen Elizabeth lot of household names. So, her husband Prince Philip in a private setting calls her lilibeth — so say your name Elizabeth in early childhood. Sometimes alone, he also calls her “sausage”. Great-grandsons Prince George and Princess Charlotte is called the Queen “Gan-Gan”. Their father Prince William when he was little, addressed to her grandmother as “Gary”, as it was difficult to say the word “Granny” (“grandma”).

It was also reported that in the case of the death of the Queen will come into effect the government’s plan, codenamed “London bridge collapsed”. It was assumed that this phrase (a quote from a children’s song) will deliver the personal Secretary of the Queen, when you contact the Prime Minister and report on the death of the monarch in order to avoid information leakage.


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