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To Detroit: Become Human, we propose to take on the role of three humanoid androids.

Studio Quantic Dream announced that the action adventure interactive game Detroit: Become Human will be released on PC on December 12. In addition, will also be released free demo.

As Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. For the future release of Quantic Dream has prepared a video. The developers promise PC gamers stunning graphics with support for 4K. Of course, the game will also be integrated with full opportunity management with keyboard and mouse in addition to the controller.

To Detroit: Become Human, we propose to take on the role of three humanoid androids, each with its own storyline: the maids of Cara, protecting a little girl, a policeman Connor, chasing the malfunctioning androids, and the rebel Marcus, trying to free relatives from slavery. The Detroit story: Become Human of nonlinear and contains plenty of choices and forks in the road, and the decisions taken by the user in the dialogue and QTE, affect the further story.

As for system requirements Detroit: Become Human, then a basic familiarity with the game will fit Quad-core processor and the graphics card is entry level like GeForce GTX 1050. Meanwhile, the recommended requirements are Intel Core i7-2700K, 12GB of RAM and GeForce GTX 1080.


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