Became known, how many in the world of migrant workers: UN data


Стало известно, сколько в мире трудовых мигрантов: данные ООНThe number of labour migrants in recent years has increased.

Labour migrants constitute about 4.7% of the workforce worldwide. This is stated in the report of the International labour organization of the United Nations.

The report is based on statistical data in the period from 2013 to 2017 years. Migrant workers in the report are people aged 15 years and older who emigrated in search of work or found a job after emigrating.

According to the report, globally, about 164 million migrant workers, and in 2013 their number increased by 9%. Almost 68% of them work in countries with high income, of 18.6% in countries with medium-high income, 23.9% – in the Northern, southern and Western Europe, 13.9 per cent in the Arab countries.

We also learned that men migrant workers worldwide, 96 million women workers – 68 million


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