Became known as Katy Perry will pay for plagiarism


Katy Perry. Photo:

The famous American singer Katy Perry found guilty of plagiarism.

According to the publication USA Today, the singer was ordered to pay almost $ 3 million in compensation Christian rapper Marcus gray, known by his stage name Flame.

It is noted that the decision recently handed down a Federal jury in the United States.

In addition, compensation was imposed on the sponsors of the singer, who took part in the creation of the song Dark Horse.

We would add that representatives of the rapper demanded compensation in the amount of $ 20 million, as the famous song Perry brought her label 31 million, and personally her a Grammy award.

We offer you to look at the comparison between the two compositions:

Zirki previously wrote that Katy Perry has told how Orlando bloom proposed to her.

Also, we reported that Olga Polyakova accused Katy Perry of plagiarism.

In addition, Katy Perry was accused of racism.

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