Became aware of the damage the hurricane Germany


Стало известно, какой ущерб нанес ураган ГерманииInsurers estimated the damage.

German insurers has estimated that the hurricane, which on the eve has fallen on Germany, caused damage to 500 million euros (614 million dollars). About it reports AFP.

The German Union of insurers said that the strongest storm in a decade in the country has caused the damage of 500 million euros. However, this is only a quarter of the losses caused by a major hurricane in 2007. Then amounted to about two billion euros.

Separately, Dutch insurers reported 90 million euros in damages in the Netherlands.

“According to our first estimates, the damage to houses and cars is at least 90 million euros”, – reported in the Dutch Association of insurers.

However, even separately will be evaluated the damages caused to the businesses, government buildings and agriculture.

It is reported that trains on the intercity lines of Germany, gradually resumed work after having been suspended because of the hurricane that caused transport chaos across Northern Europe.

In Germany as a result of the hurricane 8 people died.


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